Healthcare Access

Testing new ways to increase access to health care


Image by William Hartz

Systemic barriers to high quality healthcare are a significant challenge for low-income, rural and immigrant populations throughout New England. Innovative solutions are being tested at community health centers across the region, and the Cox Trust has chosen to invest in these efforts.

Community Health Center, Inc. has received a grant to plan, implement and test its eConsult system.  eConsults use secure technology to expedite advisory reviews by off-site specialists. Expected benefits are rapid specialty support; fewer cumbersome in-person referrals; and specialty treatment advice automatically stored in a patient’s primary care record. The grantee is pursuing an effective and economically sustainable  program at sites in Connecticut and Maine.

The Family Health Center of Worcester is working to develop, codify and promote an enhanced role for medical interpreters to function as patient navigators and access coordinators for patients whose access to care is impeded by limited English language proficiency and literacy.

Thundermist Health Center is working with Rhode Island’s major nonprofit insurer to test a multidisciplinary team approach to engage the hardest-to-reach and costliest clients in their own communities and homes. If successful, this program’s lower costs and better patient outcomes could attract other insurers serve as a model for improving health.

This program is closed to new applications.

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