Nova AngliaWho may receive funding for the RCP Innovation Fund Program?

  • The RCP Innovation Fund is open to all Regional Conservation Partnerships in New England that are members of the RCP Network as depicted on the RCP Network map. See www.wildlandsandwoodlands.org/rcpnetwork.
  • The Applicant must be a United States 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is the fiscal agent or host partner (recognized leading partner) for the RCP in question, and as such has the capacity to accept, administer, and report on the grant on behalf of its RCP partners.
  • Applicants are eligible to reapply to either program during the three-year period of this initiative, but are generally not encouraged to apply to both programs at the same time.
  • Although we recognize that there are viable RCPs in New York, the Cox Trust does not fund projects outside of New England.
  • No other entities or organizations are eligible for this program.  Individuals may not apply.

Additional eligibility requirements for the RCP Donated Land and Easement Grant Program

  • RCPs applying to the Donated Land and Easement Grant Program must have a science-informed conservation priorities plan/map with focal areas.  This will satisfy the Cox Trust requirement for a focus on ecologically significant lands and serve as a central organizing principal for the RCP’s transaction cost competitive grants program.

Who will be competitive for funding?

  1. Adherence to Program criteria. Applicants who read the grant materials thoroughly and whose projects strictly match the program criteria.
  2. Clear goals and objectives. Competitive projects will have clear conservation and organizational outcomes and a results orientation.
  3. Evidence of RCP-wide support. Applicants who submit support letters from RCP partners (four are allowed), or one support letter signed by multiple partners, or otherwise indicate widespread support for the project from members of the RCP.
  4. Conservation urgency and potential. The degree to which the RCP has the potential to achieve the permanent conservation of ecologically significant lands that are a high priority, strategically located, and/or large in acreage.
  5. Organizational urgency and commitment. Projects that increase the scale and pace of strategic conservation and strengthen the long-term collaboration of RCP partners and allies.

Additional Application and Grantee Information

The Cox Trust will offer at least one informational webinar in advance of the application deadlines.

A small voluntary Advisory Committee will meet one or twice a year to review proposals and progress and make recommendations to the Board of Directors of the Cox Trust. The committee will also participate in evaluative discussions to review progress of projects and refine the RCP Innovation Fund program as it evolves.

We consider the RCP Innovation Fund an investment in both tangible conservation gains and in strategies that will create forward conservation momentum for individual RCPs and the RCP community as a whole.  Successful applicants should be prepared to meet annually with the Cox Trust, Advisors, and other grantees to discuss project progress and additional strategies to accelerate collaborative conservation success in New England.




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