2006 Grants

2006 Grants


Boston Plan for Excellence in the Public Schools
Boston, MA
Ellen Guiney, Executive Director

$75,000 over one year to develop and retain new teachers through the Boston Teacher Residency, the teacher preparation program for the Boston Public Schools.

Cambridge College
Cambridge MA
Tracy Thompson, Development Director

$80,000 over two years for Preparing Tomorrow’s Teachers, a project to increase the number of qualified minority teachers in public schools in New England.

The Care Center
Holyoke MA
Anne Teschner, Executive Director

$75,000 over two years for Opening Doors to Higher Education, a program that supports and connects students to various types of educational opportunities.

Center for Collaborative Education
Boston, MA
Dan French, Executive Director

$150,000 over three years for Replicating Pilot Schools: A Time for Growth, the launch of a new generation of pilot schools in Massachusetts urban districts beyond Boston.

Center for the Prevention of Hate Violence
Portland, ME
Stephen Wessler, Executive Director

$106,000 over three years to bring the Unity Project, a hate violence prevention program, to new schools in rural areas, and to expand the project in existing school districts in Maine.

The City School
Dorchester MA
Miriam Messinger, Executive Director

$70,000 over two years to create the Social Justice Teacher Institute for teachers and youth workers.

Institute for Responsive Education
Cambridge, MA
Jorge Cardoso, Executive Director

$24,000 over one year to expand the Parent Leadership Exchange Program to provide training and technical assistance in six new languages for linguistically isolated parents to engage with urban schools.

International Rescue Committee
Boston, MA
Rita Kanarowski, Regional Director

$50,000 over one year to create the Program for Alternative Refugee Education (PARE), which provides refugee youth with the opportunity to receive alternative education in English, math and science.

Jumpstart for Young Children
Boston MA
Erin Cox, Executive Director, Northeast Region

$50,000 over one year for expansion of the JumpStart early childhood literacy program to Providence, Rhode Island

The Rennie Center for Education Research & Policy
Cambridge MA
S. Paul Reville, President

$22,304 over one year for dissemination of lessons learned in Transforming Labor Management Relations in Public Education.

Stern Center for Language and Learning
Williston, VT
Blanche Podhajski, Executive Director

$55,000 over one year to develop a new program to provide basic literacy skills to African refugee families in Vermont, in collaboration with the Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program and Vermont Adult Learning.

Thompson Island Outward Bound Education Center
Boston, MA
Rebekka Olsen, Director of Public and Private Partnerships

$17,808 over one year to link the Choices program to the Boston Public Schools’ middle school learning standards.


Coalition for Water Security
Providence, RI
Harold Ward, Policy Director

$30,000 over one year for a collaboration of Rhode Island conservation organizations working to promote improved state water policies.

Coastal Enterprises, Inc.
Wiscasset, ME
Ronald Phillips, President

$60,000 over one year to develop a pilot community wind project in collaboration with a public school in Thorndike, Maine

Community Teamwork, Inc.
Lowell, MA
Karen Frederick, Executive Director

$48,000 over two years for the New Entry Sustainable Farming Project to identify available farmland for immigrant farmers to use in establishing independent farming operations.

Devens Enterprise Commission
Devens, MA
Peter Lowitt, AICP Executive Director

$40,000 over two years to establish the Devens Eco-Efficiency Center to support environmental stewardship among the 80 businesses at Devens.

The Food Project-North Shore
Lynn MA
Melissa Dimond, Director

$42,500 over two years for the Food Project’s expansion to Lynn, Massachusetts.

Forests and Parks Partnership
Boston MA
Julie Wormser, Director of Policy, Appalachian Mountain Club

$100,000 over two years for a collaborative project to increase stewardship, management, funding and citizen support for state forests and parks.

The Jordan Institute
Concord NH
Patrick Miller, Executive Director

$50,000 over one year to work with three communities in southern New Hampshire to focus on land use planning and conservation.

Maine Caucus of the Northern Forest Alliance
Augusta, ME
George Gay, Executive Director

$60,000 over one year for the Plum Creek and Beyond campaign, to advocate for responsible development and permanent conservation in Maine’s Moosehead Lake region.

Maine Coast Heritage Trust
Topsham, ME
Jay Espy, President

$65,000 over three years to launch a direct support program as part of the Maine Land Trust Network to provide individual consulting services for land trusts.

New Haven Urban Resources Initiative, Inc.
New Haven, CT
Colleen Murphy-Dunning, Director

$19,806 over one year for the Healthy Yards project, to test for and remove contaminants in soils in low-income neighborhoods in New Haven, Connecticut.

Open Space Institute Inc.
New York NY
Peter Howell, Director of Conservation Finance

$20,000 over one year to conduct an economic analysis of a proposed development and conservation project in northern Maine.

Penobscot East Resource Center
Stonington ME
Robin Alden, Executive Director

$80,000 over two years to hire a community coordinator to work with fishermen and community members to support community-based marine stewardship in Eastern Maine.

Toxics Action Center
Boston MA
Alyssa Schuren, Executive Director

$27,304 over one year to support local community groups fighting toxics and pollution in Rhode Island.


Center for Public Representation
Northampton, MA
Steven Schwartz, Executive Director

$65,000 over one year to assist with the design of a new state-administered system of homebased mental health services for children with psychiatric and emotional disabilities in Massachusetts, in response to the federal court decision Rosie D. v. Romney.

Community Partners, Inc.
Amherst MA
Michael DeChiara, Executive Director

$65,000 over two years for a pilot project using wireless computer technology to enroll clients in publicly-funded health care insurance programs in six rural communities in Western Massachusetts.

Maine Center for Public Health
Augusta, ME
Meredith Tipton, Interim President/CEO

$145,000 over three years for the Maine Youth Outweight Collaborative, an expanded program to train physicians, reorganize primary care practices and build community partnerships with physicians to help prevent youth obesity.

Maine Migrant Health Program, Inc.
Augusta, ME
Barbara Ginley, Executive Director

$95,000 over two years for the Camp Health Aide Program, to train, support and mentor farmworkers as health educators, to increase health access and to prevent mental health and behavioral health problems affecting migrant farmworkers and their families.

Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (MSPCC)
Boston MA
Marylou Sudders, President/CEO

$40,000 over one year for the Connecting Families pilot program, which provides family advocacy and clinical services to prevent child abuse and neglect in six communities in Massachusetts.

Naugatuck Valley Project, Inc.
Waterbury, CT
Carol Burkhart-Lyons, Director

$50,000 over one year for a pilot project to expand the availability of medical interpretation services in the Naugatuck Valley, to secure public insurance for such services, and to encourage employment for immigrants as medical interpreters.

New England Adolescent Research Institute, Inc.
Holyoke MA
Joan Tabachnick, Project Director

$80,000 over two years for a pilot project to design and implement an online distance learning initiative focusing on sexual abuse by youth in New England to train parents and professionals.

Parents Opening Doors, Inc.
Hartford CT
Serafin Mendez-Mendez, Executive Director

$23,348 over one year for a comprehensive training program for Latino parents interested in becoming effective advocates for mental health and educational services for children in the Hartford Public Schools.

Boston, MA
Loh-Sze Leung, Director

$145,000 over three years for policy and advocacy activities to support community health workers in Massachusetts, reduce health disparities, improve access to culturally competent health care, and improve public health for underserved and vulnerable populations.

Southern New Hampshire University,
School of Community Economic Development

Manchester, NH
Michael Swack, Dean

$100,000 over two years to expand and replicate a pilot project that strengthens the financial independence and improves the health of people living with disabilities by linking financial counseling and asset building strategies with access health and social services.

Vermont CARES (Committee for AIDS Resources, Education & Services)
Burlington VT
Peter Jacobsen, Executive Director

$60,000 over two years for a pilot project offering the rapid-result oral HIV testing program in Vermont.


Each year the Trust allocates a portion of the total grant dollars to support projects of interest to the Trustees who are members of Jessie Cox’s family. These grants are not subject to the Trust’s guidelines, and unsolicited applications for this program are not considered.

Massachusetts General Hospital
Boston, MA
Anne Eden Evins, M.D., Director of Addiction Research Program

$100,000 over two years to support a fellow at the new Center for Addiction Medicine. Heidi Cox family grant.

Millbrook School
Millbrook, NY
Drew Casertano, Headmaster

$25,000 over one year to support renovations to the student center. Heidi Cox family grant.

Morris Arboretum of the University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia PA
Melissa von Stade, Director of Development, Morris Arboretum

$25,000 over one year for planning for the Morris Arboretum’s Tree Adventure Exhibit. Jessie Hill family grant.

Penikese Island School
Woods Hole MA
Toby Lineaweaver, Executive Director

$25,000 over one year to support the aftercare program. Heidi Cox family grant.


Associated Grant Makers
Boston MA
Ron Ancrum, President

$5,750 over one year for general level membership in the regional association of grantmakers in Massachusetts.

Boston Education Funders Group
Boston MA
Mary Phillips, Administrator

$1,500 over one year for the Boston Education Funders Group, a group of corporate and foundation trustees and staff interested in the Boston Public Schools, who meet regularly to learn more about education issues and needs in the schools.

Connecticut Council for Philanthropy
Hartford CT
Nancy Roberts, President

$1,200 over one year for membership in the regional association of grantmakers in Connecticut.

Council on Foundations
Washington D.C.
Robert Wiggans, Director of Membership

$3,120 over one year for membership in a network of grantmakers working to improve philanthropy at the national level. An additional $400 will be paid as an administrative expense for total yearly dues of $3,520.

Environmental Grantmakers Association
New York NY
Dana Lanza, Executive Director

$1,390 over one year for membership in this national association of environmental funders.

Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers
Washington D.C.
Ellen Barclay, President

$5,000 over one year for the facilitation of the Giving Data Collaborative conference call and dissemination of the results. D.F.

Funders’ Network for Smart Growth and Livable Communities
Coral Gables FL
L. Benjamin Starrett, Executive Director

$1,000 over one year for membership in a network of funders working to promote smart growth, livable communities and regional equity on a national and regional basis.

Grantmakers Council of Rhode Island
Providence RI
Susan Neupauer, Executive Director

$1,000 over one year for membership in the regional association of grantmakers for Rhode Island.

Grantmakers for Education
Portland OR
William Porter, Executive Director

$1,000 over one year for membership in a national organization of funders interested in education.

Grantmakers In Health
Washington D.C.
Lauren LeRoy, President and CEO

$2,500 over one year for membership in a national organization designed to facilitate and improve communications, information-sharing, collaborative program planning and funding among grantmakers.

Haymarket People’s Fund
Boston, MA
Patricia Maher, Co-Director

$70,000 over two years to create the Expanding Philanthropy Project, to provide outreach and education to engage new givers interested in social justice philanthropy in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts.

Maine Philanthropy Center
Portland ME
Janet Henry, President

$1,200 over one year for membership dues in the regional association of grantmakers in Maine.

Vermont Community Foundation
Middlebury VT
Brian Byrnes, President/CEO

$50,000 over one year to develop a new business model to have a greater community impact and ensure long-term financial stability.

Total Grants, 2006, $1,616,896,65

D.F. = Discretionary Fund

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