2012 Grants

2012 Grants


Associated Early Care and Education
Boston, MA
$60,000 toward an executive director’s salary for a new $14 million early learning center located at the Bromley-Heath housing development in Boston.  (Projected additional support of $60,000, 2013.)

Boys and Girls Club of Newport County
Newport, RI
$25,000 in final support for a coordinated system of after-school programming serving middle school students in Newport County. (Total project support of $75,000, 2011-2012.)

Educare Central Maine
Waterville, ME
$50,000 for a model childcare center in rural Central Maine providing wrap-around supports for low-income families and their children, and serving as a ‘lab’ school for college students and current providers.

Inspiring Minds 
Providence, RI
$50,000 to implement a summer kindergarten preparation program for five-year olds and serving half of the 21 elementary schools in Providence.

Jumpstart for Young Children, Inc.
Boston, MA
$50,000 in support for the organization’s expansion efforts in six cities in New England, resulting in  the provision of a high-quality literacy and language development curriculum for 2,000-2,500 low-income children.

Parent-Child Home Program 
f/b/o Parent-Child Home Program Massachusetts
Newton, MA
$50,000 for expansion of Parent-Child’s home visiting program promoting early literacy for low-income children in Massachusetts.

Regional Employment Board of Hampden County, Inc.
Springfield, MA
$50,000 in support of Talk/Read/Succeed, a funder collaborative to increase the reading proficiency of young children living in Springfield, Massachusetts.

RSU #1 Educational Foundation
Bath, ME
$25,000 as final payment of a two-year grant for a project to offer early education for four-year-olds in the Lower Kennebec or RSU1 school district in Maine. (Total project support of $75,000, 2010-12.)

Strategies for Children, Inc.
Boston, MA
$50,000 as  final payment of a two-year grant for a campaign to increase state investments in Massachusetts in early childhood education and the improvement of systems working to ensure that all children reach reading proficiency by the end of third grade.  (Total project support of $100,000, 2011-12.)

Vermont Community Foundation
f/b/o Vermont Community Preschool Collaborative Fund
Middlebury, VT
$50,000 in continued support for the Vermont Community Preschool Collaborative Fund, a public-private initiative to develop state-supported preschool education programs in towns and cities in Vermont.  The grant will be targeted to expansion efforts in Rutland and Barrington.

Subtotal Education:   $460,000
Percentage of Total:  24



1% For the Planet
Waitsfield, VT
$182,500 in second year support of a five-year capacity-building grant to enable the organization to grow its corporate membership and increase environmental grantmaking in New England.  (Projected additional support of $317,500, 2013-2017.)

Appalachian Mountain Club
Boston, MA
$50,000 in support of a three-agency collaborative in the Upper Androscoggin Watershed of Northern Maine and New Hampshire working to preserve land. (Projected additional support of $50,000, 2013.)

Housatonic Valley Association
Cornwall Bridge, CT
$50,000 to support the work of volunteer land trusts for the conservation of 5,000 acres of habitat in several core areas, as identified by the Litchfield Hills Greenprint Collaborative. (Projected additional support of $50,000, 2013.)

Ipswich River Watershed Association
Ipswich, MA
$50,000 in final support of a partnership to restore the Ipswich and Parker Rivers in Essex County, Massachusetts.  (Total project support of $100,000, 2011-2012.)

Penobscot River Restoration Trust
Augusta, ME
$50,000 in continued support of a public/private effort to remove dams and restore habitat along the Penobscot River in Maine. (Total project support of $150,000, 2011-12; projected additional support of $50,000 in 2013.)

President and Fellows of Harvard College
f/b/o Harvard Forest
Petersham, MA
$70,000 in support of the Wildlands and Woodlands regional campaign, which calls for a 50-year conservation effort to retain at least 70 percent of New England in forestland. (Total project support of $120,000, 2010-12.)

Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests
Concord, NH
$50,000 in support of a regional coalition to implement a conservation plan for the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, with a goal of protecting water quality through the protection of large forest blocks and riparian areas.  (Projected additional support of $50,000, 2013.)

Two Countries, One Forest, Inc. 
Toronto, Ontario
$50,000 in support of the establishment of a two-country conservation partnership focused on the Three-Borders region of Maine, New Brunswick and Quebec.

Vermont Natural Resources Council, Inc.
Montpelier, VT
$50,000 in support of a broad regional effort to protect and restore connectivity among large-scale forested habitats running from New York to Maine.  (Total support for this project of $100,000, including a 2011 grant of $50,000 to the Nature Conservancy, Vermont Chapter; projected additional support of $50,000 in 2013.)

Subtotal Environment:   $602,500
Percentage of Total:  32



Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program
Boston, MA
$25,000 in second-year funding to allow the organization to achieve status as a patient-centered medical home, while improving accessibility of care and health outcomes for its patients.  (Total project support of $75,000, 2011-2012.)

Community Catalyst               
Boston, MA
$50,000 in continued support of state-level advocacy in New England to support and expand health coverage for children, including the addition of a mini-grants pool. (Total project support of $90,000, 2011-12.)

Community Health Center, Inc.
Middletown, CT
$80,000 to support the establishment of a videoconference pain management clinic serving 13 separate health center sites throughout Connecticut.

Family Health Center of Worcester, Inc.
Worcester, MA
$75,000 in final support for a residency program for nurse practitioners, to enable them to become highly skilled primary care providers within a community health center setting.  (Total project support of $150,000, 2011-12.)

Health Law Advocates, Inc.
Boston, MA
$50,000 for work to assure implementation and enforcement of state and federal laws requiring treatment for individuals with mental health diagnoses (Projected additional support of $50,000, 2013.)

Joint Committee for Children’s Health Care in Everett
Everett, MA
$25,000 in support of an Affordable Care Outreach Initiative in the demographically diverse city of Everett, Massachusetts, to train residents to make effective use of  the health care system and of online enrollment.

Maine Primary Care Association
Augusta, ME
$50,000 in support of a three-year plan to move health centers toward integrated care models, with the aim that three-fourths will commit to achieving an advanced level of integration by 2014.

Thundermist Health Center
Woonsocket, RI
$50,000 to implement the Quick Care program, a walk-in, care-on-demand service located at three of the organization’s major centers in Rhode Island. (Projected additional support of $40,000, 2013.)

University of New Hampshire Foundation 
f/b/o New Hampshire Institute for Health Policy and Practice
Durham, NH
$70,000 in final support of a tri-state Northern New England network engaged in health systems reform, to develop a unified system for data analysis.  (Total project support $140,000, 2011-12.)

Subtotal Health:    $475,000
Percent of total:  25



Big Sister Association of Greater Boston
Boston, MA

Washington, D.C.

University of Pennsylvania Medical Center
Philadelphia, PA

Subtotal Family Grants:  $335,000
Percentage of Total: 18



Associated Grant Makers, Inc.
Boston, MA

Associated Grant Makers, Inc.
f/b/o Boston Education Funders
Boston, MA

Connecticut Council for Philanthropy 
Hartford, CT

Council on Foundations
Arlington, VA

Environmental Grantmakers Association
New York, NY

Grantmakers Council of Rhode Island
Providence, RI

Grantmakers for Education
Portland, OR

Grantmakers in Health
Washington, D.C.

Maine Philanthropy Center
Portland, ME

United Way of Greater Portland                        
f/b/o Maine Early Childhood Funders
Portland, ME

Subtotal Memberships:  $22,927
Percentage of total: 1        

Total Grants:  $1,895,427

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